Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh no!! The "En" times are here!!

Okay the panels are all together and things are looking good. I'm going to now go about marking, ironing and tying on the en (the frame). This is exciting (wow, I must need to get out more :P), and a bit scary. I plan to proceed as carefully as possible with out over doing it. I have a couple of questions coming to mind on the placement of the 2 larger squares that anchor the ties. I haven't found any suggested distances but by looking at diagrams I think I can make do with out exact measure.

I took a pic again with my poor cell phone cam that is great in perfect light, lamp light in my living room at 12 am* is far from perfect and I am balanced on a chair so I could get far up and back from the project to get it all in frame. My apologies for the quality, but it gives you an idea of where I am at.

*Actually I looked at the pic below and decided to go for another shot today in daylight. Normally I would be at work but I have been taken out by a whooper of a sinus/throat/chest cold thing that seems to be rampant around these parts.
Click the pic for a larger view.