Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Close doesn't count...

Nearing the end of cutting (yes... I took my sweet old time cutting very, very slowly and carefully) I could see the end insight last night. I resisted the urge to just start hacking away using another bit as a template.

I stared at the remaining bit of material left to be divvied up among some panels, and after some head scratching I realized there was no way I could get the last panel, in its entirety, out of this last large hunk. How close... my last panel to cut needed to be 36cm wide by 54.5cm...I had... 33cm x 56cm left! lol So close yet So far!! Outcomes again not what I expected or wanted - Ha! but definitely what I needed.

I luckily kept all but slivers of fabric and im going to patchwork my last panel.

Next up its measure, measure again and one more time for good measure - mark and iron.

Sewing will come eventually :)
maybe ill have a pic or two for the next post of some stitches as promised earlier on! (ooooh the suspense! ;D)

Thanks for reading...makes a good sedative.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


7 tan, 3 ties, 2 Daiza and 4 Joro cut. lots more to cut. not really worrying about the cuts so much, nor the sewing to come. Sons' first birthday on Thursday is paramount, cutting will probably resume Friday night, a good night! Heh never thought my definition of a good Friday night would ever include being spent sewing...now thats progress!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Cut the Crap!

After much stalling, second guessing and procrastination I finally committed my self to starting kesa #2. This time I decided go with new material after seeking some always helpful advice. (Thank you Taigu!!!)

Now the material had sat for a good 3 weeks with only being washed and ironed out. I debated on cutting it up for some zafu and zabuton but after much mental chatter I decided the material just a tad on the light side for sitting on (lol more stalling?).

I decided then to start the kesa and stop dilly-dallying. So then came the first marks and cutting.... I really never worried like this with the first kesa. I now realized just how important to the end result the first steps were.

I put down the scissors and picked up some books to verify my measure was infact correct (*stalling*) and lo and behold they were the same as before. The new material is supposed to be treated just like rags... So in much the same way i decided to "Cut the Crap" (the material and the stalling) and just get on with it!

And so I did. Carefully. Slowly. Deliberately checking each and every cut down with the scissor.
Throwing caution to the wind (lol) I very carefully cut my first two bits, marked them and set them aside.

Tonight, 2 more bits!

This time around rather than showing the progress in the bigger picture, I will be showing the stitches up close and personal! (gulp)!