Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Cut the Crap!

After much stalling, second guessing and procrastination I finally committed my self to starting kesa #2. This time I decided go with new material after seeking some always helpful advice. (Thank you Taigu!!!)

Now the material had sat for a good 3 weeks with only being washed and ironed out. I debated on cutting it up for some zafu and zabuton but after much mental chatter I decided the material just a tad on the light side for sitting on (lol more stalling?).

I decided then to start the kesa and stop dilly-dallying. So then came the first marks and cutting.... I really never worried like this with the first kesa. I now realized just how important to the end result the first steps were.

I put down the scissors and picked up some books to verify my measure was infact correct (*stalling*) and lo and behold they were the same as before. The new material is supposed to be treated just like rags... So in much the same way i decided to "Cut the Crap" (the material and the stalling) and just get on with it!

And so I did. Carefully. Slowly. Deliberately checking each and every cut down with the scissor.
Throwing caution to the wind (lol) I very carefully cut my first two bits, marked them and set them aside.

Tonight, 2 more bits!

This time around rather than showing the progress in the bigger picture, I will be showing the stitches up close and personal! (gulp)!


Dosho said...

Glad to hear you are back with needle and thread...and showing your stitches! You are far braver than I. Hope Ango over at Wild Fox is going well for you too. :)

Fugen said...


Good to hear you're getting back on it.
Remember to do it one stitch at a time, thats how we sew our life together...


IndigoCat said...


What a wonderful way to practice! Have I missed the stitches? Where? :-)

"Stalling" sometimes is just what we need, I discovered! Our timing (the one we decide on when making plans) is often made from the logical mind but there is this whole body/mind thing and I think we intuitively try to catch up with it (which looks like "stalling"). We just need to mature to the task or wait in on the universe, whatever you call it.
My point I guess is not all crap is crap :-)

Good luck! Look forward to seeing the work in progress.


Uku said...

Wonderful! Good luck and let us know how are progressing!