Sunday, November 29, 2009

Airing Dirty Zen Laundry

So I did my kesa repairs and after a thorough once over I figured it was safe to wash the kesa. I decided to follow the instructions as per Kesa-Kudoku in Gudo Wafu Nishijima Roshi & Chodo Mike Cross translation.

I boiled water and filled the bath tub (cleaned it prior to use) and filled it with the hot water and ashes. submerged the kesa and washed it. I let it sit for a couple of hours. I took the dog out after the first hour and let everyone know to STAY OUT of the main bathroom and use the other. I had set my make shift inscence holder on the side of the tub along with some ground up inscence and such. I say make shift as i used clumping cat litter - unused ;) - to instead of sand as all we have round here is gravel(mud) or clay. and with 4 cats we have an abundance of cat litter!

After giving the pooch a good run Icome back to 2 nervous faces and one 8 month old with a happy, shit eating grin. My wife then informed me that my 3.5 year old girl forgot and opened the door to the off-limits bath in order to brush her teeth and her ever-present speed "scooching" side kick, her brother followed along. He spied the bowl of incense and clumping cat litter sand and dumped the entire contents on top of the Kesa soup.

Now for those in the know that shit is just clay crumbs..when wet, it returns to a clay clump.. great for cat piss, a monumental pain in the ass to get out of cloth or off the floor... if ya have cats... and use this stuff you will know what i mean.

Anwho a few extra hours of cleaning and its drying in front of the fire. Excluding scattering petals...I will follow through the rest of procedure. Fun Sunday activities for sure and a great lesson or 3.

Thats it. My dirty laundry now airing :)

So on sewing I've started cutting out material for another rakusu and getting back in to "the groove" what ever that may be.


Thursday, November 19, 2009


So there is a pile of rags in a sack in my closet. hrmmmmm where to start. How to take these rags and put them together into usable squares. By fabric type? cotton linen in one pile - denim in another? By colour so I can make some beautiful shape, some art out of an already amazing work? Sort it, move it around re-sort and stuff it back in the bag and go watch some tube. Thats where im at.

Why so hesitant to start? Why so resistant? Why why...! Maybe I really just like sorting?
Anywho cotton or burlap, sorted or not, ready or not - sounds like no better time to start - no time to waste!!

Right after Fringe.