Thursday, November 19, 2009


So there is a pile of rags in a sack in my closet. hrmmmmm where to start. How to take these rags and put them together into usable squares. By fabric type? cotton linen in one pile - denim in another? By colour so I can make some beautiful shape, some art out of an already amazing work? Sort it, move it around re-sort and stuff it back in the bag and go watch some tube. Thats where im at.

Why so hesitant to start? Why so resistant? Why why...! Maybe I really just like sorting?
Anywho cotton or burlap, sorted or not, ready or not - sounds like no better time to start - no time to waste!!

Right after Fringe.


Dosho said...


Harry said...


I hear ya.

I started a kesa, but gave up. I couldn't work it out. I'm hoping to meet someone in person someday who can show me how to do it... I seem to be too stupid otherwise!



Shohei said...

Hi Harry!

Do you still have the material you cut up? You had all bits cut, yes? I would help you with something if i can.

I did manage to finish my first kesa (aka train wreck) and this next one, a 9 panel, has me scratching my head at how to get all the bits of rags i scrounged into usable panels.

Anywho the little i know about Harry is far from stupid!

merci Dosho!


Harry said...


I think there's 'stupid stupid' and there's 'clever-stupid'. I'm maybe slightly on the 'clever-stupid' side, which is not necessarily a good thing: I might be inclined to wrongly think/conclude that I'm 'clever-clever'!

Yeah, I've sewn four strips of three patches, and I did one whole strip wrong (which made me give up for a while), but now I'm planning to start again and I know where I went wrong and how to prevent it in fututre.

Looking at your blog has been a great help.

Maybe I'll drop you a question or two when I get back to it if you don't mind.