Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And They're off!

Nothing new from me on the sewing front Yet. I have, as part of my ango commitment, decided to take up the needle again and do some repairs on my kesa. Also i will be sewing another rakusu as a warm up of sorts. (i will post some updates and such here). The rakusu will be a warm up for my next kesa which will be 100% scraps.

IRL has settled some with the dust of construction settling, a new addition to the house and another new addition to the family. So over at Treeleaf folks are reading and studying for Jukai and taking up a needle and thread and its re-invigorated me to get working on that second kesa.

So on additions...I had great expectations for our addition to the house (why not we paid for it? right??!) And similarly i was barely containing my excitement for our other new addition to the family and in both cases was expecting something.

The house addition I expected to be perfect, on time and on budget. I expected to have my part of the work done and we would be enjoying said space in some "christmas card scene" the fire sipping... whatever, snow settling down.... Anywho we got what we had envisioned.. quickly and under budget but .... perfect... lol far from it! anyways with out droning on to much thing didn't quite meet the ideas in my head. C'est La Vie! Im correcting what i can and making the most of what we got with out making much of a stink.

On the new family addition excitement for our new pup to arrive and those pleasant thoughts of the kids out in the yard playing with her and rolling around (again expections... lol kids play like kids, puppies like puppies and neither of the two like i want them to :P)
were soon cast a side for the shitty reality that presented itself. Our pup is sick and her life may be cut short. Im sad for her (Though shes on meds and they are working the vet had a glumly outlook for her) Im sad for the our little girl and Im quite sad myself. The pup herself is happy and energetic which makes it even tougher to imagine the possible outcome.

On a more positive note she hasn't had a relapse and a second opinion from a another vet (same vet hospital) was much more positive.

Expectations...I think i will, as part of my ango commitment delete the words expect/no/can't from my vocabulary... er After this post.

I also had expected to be following through on all my Ango commitments i had made to myself and instead just ended up a bit frustrated. Rather then dwelling ive re-stated my ango commitments (not too far out things) and have recommitted to sitting Zazen regularly as it went pretty sideways for a month or so. Healing from the Big V (vasectomy for those, if any weren't sure of my reference) and that is going as expected... ouch!

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