Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tout Finis!

That was fast?
Well I'm pretty sure 6 months is a tad long.
I quit late last night with 2 sides of the en to finish. My family packed up and went for a visit leaving me with some free time so I decided to finish the kesa before Zazen tonight.

Its not "pretty", it may not even be correct or stay together... but here are some pictures.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!!

C'ept this time no fooling! (apparently im too late to do so)

So its been awhile since I've taken up sewing. The week after my previous post we added a bouncing baby boy to our family, 2 weeks early according to schedule but of course he arrived perfectly on time!

That said progress ground to a halt and though I thought I would be able to sneak time in our other little one (3 years) needed a bit more attention than usual and she certainly deserved it. So ... stitching took a back seat to family. A very deep practice indeed!

Sitting 2 nights ago, the thought of getting back to work on the Kesa kept popping in there. Better get going. And I did. The en is all on and I'm just making the remaining stitches around the middle of the en. I also measured and ironed out the Joro and Daiza, ironed and stitched the ties. Tonight I am thinking I will be able to finish the stitches on the en and get the button holes stitched and cut in the Daiza.

Now I must say The en was tricky. Because the panels had quite a bit of difference between them I had to measure and cut off the excess (which meant rip some stitches, tie them off and then finish the rest). Some panels were just a tad shy of 4 cm needed to do the en the way I read to. I decided to work in a reverse order and i cut my en to be 4 cm folded so that there was material on both sides of the Kesa. This way it "hid" the imperfections and allows me to put a backing on it. This is going to be my winter Kesa - I plan to sew another very soon with all light weight material I can round up.

Welp off to sit then sew!

Oh um pics will be posted later tonight after i get some of the mess of the poor rags... cats like a folded basket of material :(