Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tout Finis!

That was fast?
Well I'm pretty sure 6 months is a tad long.
I quit late last night with 2 sides of the en to finish. My family packed up and went for a visit leaving me with some free time so I decided to finish the kesa before Zazen tonight.

Its not "pretty", it may not even be correct or stay together... but here are some pictures.


Jordan said...

Hi dirk,
You mentioned putting a backing on this, I would be interested in seeing how that worked out.

Thanks for your efforts,

Dirk said...

Hiya Jordan
Yeah, me too!
I was going to/still could but I didn't have enough material left and I realized I still have to sew a bag for this! er... i wussed out. LOL

Thank you for your efforts!! I have been really enjoying your blog as of late!


Will said...

Hey Dirk. Didn't know you had a blog. I'll have to stop by now and then.


Tobiah said...

many many congrats... looks fantastic to me!

Dirk said...

hiya Will, yeah I'm surprised I have a blog too! So far its been fun.

hiya Tobiah, thanks for the kind words :)


Pierre Turlur said...

This kesa is really...I am speechless.

Thank you for your teaching!


Dirk said...

Thank you so much Taigu!

Your Kesa wouldn't have came into being with out all of your kindness and patience. It was an honor to sew it with you, please pardon my missed, crooked and some very mindless stitches.

I also have to thank you for helping me realize the Kesa that I wear always, even long before I began sewing.

A very deep Gassho

Scott said...

It's an amazing piece of work my dharma brother! :)

Harry said...

Good work, Dirk!



Dirk said...

Scott and Harry both thank you very much. You both have stitches in these rags too!