Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well its been a long while since I have last blogged. I spare all the details but say that I am still sewing, sitting and studying - lots of studying. Lots of change - yet still the same!

August 19th of 2010 I received the precepts as a novice Zen Buddhist priest (Shukke Tokudo) from my teacher Taigu and along with my fellow ordainees at Treeleaf. Since then I have been rather busy with practice-life-training, working along side my friends and fellow novice priests, family stuff and work. All good though.

On the sewing bits I am currently completing a rakusu, and starting another kesa. I intend to complete this rakusu in the next couple of weeks and post a picture or two of it completed.

I have also located some instructions on how to stitch up a koromo and kimono as well I may give that a try after the next kesa.

Here is a pic from after the day of the ordination ceremony taken by my friend using her cell phone, It just turned out it was the only available camera at the time so I had to wait a day to get my hands on a regular digital camera for a few more clearer shots.

This is the next day with wearing the Nyoho-e kesa.

Also Looking forward to an upcoming sesshin in December. It is to take place in Brussels with other members of the Sangha as well as some others. Lots to plan for, lots to do and lots of zazen! I know its some time from now but I am pretty excited for it.