Monday, August 2, 2010

Well, never really finished, but its all together and Im now sewing my Zagu (bowing cloth).Had some ups and downs in the stitches (and they show of course!) and learned plenty in doing so.
Sleep is important, PSTD can be stitched through, impatiences will cause you alot of grief requiring waaaay more patience to complete the task at hand (Daizas kicked my butt a couple of times as I had to remove them and put them on the top :D).
I had intended to keep things up to date as I went but I ended up focusing on the tasks I already had in preparation for the upcoming Shukke Tokudo ceremony. With just over 2 weeks until the the ceremony I have to say I'm glad to find the time to write up a little bit here. I noticed a heck of alot of spam piling up in the comments of my last post some 4 months ago (oops!) so here's a new spot folks, go nuts! :)

Here are some pics through the process to completion:
first two sets together

close up of the stitching this time around

the kagami before marking it up

completed kesa shot with my cell phone (sorry for the quality)

Ill take a new shot of the finished one with the better camera soon.
Anywho thanks for reading I will be updating more often and not always about sewing.


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