Sunday, December 21, 2008

ah ah ah Panel Five!

Well its been way too long with out an update. Lots of everything but sewing going on sincemy last post but as you may have guessed by the title of this post I just finished the 5th panel. Soon the really tricky bits like joining the sets and the frame (eek!) but all in due time.

I had been sick all last week with the flu and after basically laying down for 5 days straight, I was really motivated to do Anything but sit around watching TV or the like. Still I decided to put a bit more time into this project over the holidays since I'm free from work until the the new year.

Well here is what I have done so far (note:also pictured is Sir Wobblington (upper right) guarding the castle and keeping an eye on the Field of Happiness ;) )

click me for a full view


Harry said...

Whoa, that's a lot of work, D.

Hope you have a great Christmas.



Dirk said...

Hi Harry
Its actually been quite fun work(im sick that way ;D) I hope you have a good Christmas too my friend!

Gassho and cheers!

Buddha said...

I would like to really see it but your link doesn't work.

Buddha said...

OK it works!
I was clicking on the text not on the picture. Duh!
Were is the "any" key?
Why so depressed? - your panel I mean.

Mike Cross said...

Homage to the wisdom of Sir Wobblington. He looks like a guy who truly knows the meaning of the middle way.

Bon courage,


Scott said...

Looking good Dirk! I have my center panel done, just half a row of stitches on the second left to do, and a full row on a third panel that's starting to go a bit crooked! I did really well ironing the edges on those first two, but on the third I can either sew it as is or try to tuck some material under to make it straight. Has that happened to you? Just curious what you decided to do and perhaps I should just rip out the stitches and start the whole panel over. Hmmm...regardless, awesome work!