Friday, January 16, 2009

Rakusu - A sort of mini-kesa?

I have read that often, but it needs to be said that for me its been one large undertaking. Sewing at first seemed tough but actually vowing to keep the precepts has me looking back at the cake walk of sewing and being rather introspective, im not going to get all that deep here but suffice it to say im not approching this lightly.

Tomorrow is our Jukai (receiving the precepts) ceremony at Treeleaf (first ever jukai ceremony done entirely online?) and after a few months of preparation, studying and discussing the precepts and what they mean, mean to each person and so on, its really sinking in tonight.

Quite greatfully(and selfishly- as I have simply been lurking in the shadows with out so much as a 'Thank you I have been reading up on Mike Cross' blog his wonderful translations of the precetps from Saundrananda as written by Ashvaghosha (the preceding information I must admit I hadn't heard of before I began following Mikes blog - and i may have that info all assed up:)) and im extremely greatful to Mike and those who share via the comments on there! Many thanks are owed.

Well on the sewing front, I finished the Rakusu with the back panel (with bit with Jundo's brush work), and stitched on the 4 joro (little squares that aid in holding the back layers to the rakusu). I will continue sewing on the Kesa this weekend and hopefully will be able to start joing the sets together.

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ecoist said...

Hello Shohei,

I came across your blog via the Treeleaf forum and I have to say I have enjoyed your postings (keep them coming) :).

Thank you for the short one on the Rakusu ... I have been inquiring about taking the precepts with your order after talking and listening to teachings from Taigu.

Again, thank you for you postings and be well.