Monday, January 26, 2009

New year, old pace

My wife is now off work for our soon to be arriving new bouncing baby boy in March and so this has freed up a couple of extra hours an evening (LOL in theory).

So I hoped to move a bit faster than what I have been with sewing on the Kesa but such is life!
I'm working away on my sixth set out of 7 and I expect to have that 7th done by Mid week. Aiming to have some sets stitched to each other by next week. Then the scary bits (en and smaller bits :S).


Scott said...

Hey Dirk,

First of all, congrats on the little one coming in March! If you had mentioned that previously I must have missed it. I guess in things like sewing kesas and having babies I'm usually just a bit behind you! ;)

I've gotten 5 stripes done and needed a break before I assemble the outer two stripes. I did start to think ahead to when they get stitched together and I don't see anything in Taigu's instructions that tells how to line up the stripes with each other (like the repeating 4.5 and 2.5 distances for the rakusu). Have you seen anything about that?

Ironically, many of the instructions for the kesa I got merely refer you to the rakusu instructions. There are some formulas for calculating what I was describing, but it's clear that Taigu disregarded some of that and I think for very good reason.

Anyway, hope the project is still going well!

Dirk said...

Hi Scott!
Merci and of course congrats are due in your direction too :D (sheesh - busy people eh?)

Shortish version:

I looked at the images (Drawings and photographs and figured that basically the "line up" across should work its self out in the numbers... I took 2 of my sets and CBA(left) ABC(right)and lined em up on the floor then measured and roughly got 12.5 and 24 cm for my set up. I double checked by doing the mess i did below on some scrap paper with the numbers first then actually lined up the patches accordingly.

long confusing version:

For me I know this:

A is always 24cm,
6cm yo then the
42.5cm B,
6cm yo,
42.5cm C
now flip that and line em up.

goes like this:
en(Frame) to first is automatically 24cm, now it goes

C42.5 - (A+yo)= space between yo of the 2 sets there

so 42.5 -30 = 12.5

(A+yo+B)- (C+yo)=second larger space.

72.5 - 48.5 = 24cm

and that continues to
(42.5+6+42.5)-(24+6+42.5)=next distance - heh ideally
(91)-(78.5) =12.5

and so on

sooooo the short of it is for me it goes 24/12.5/24/12.5/24 when all is said and done

Whew thats very messy but you see it really depends and matters Immensly and not at all. If it works out with out alot of cutting and stretching then great! if not - also great! But this I you already know too :D