Monday, January 19, 2009


The ceremony is over, rakusu is complete and I have received the Precepts - and the Dharma name Shohei. Cool.

The ceremony its self was wonderful! Separated in to a couple or 3 groups (done to accommodate the video conference sites limitations), there were 2 designated speakers for each group, just to prevent 34+ people speaking at once and feeding back in to the speakers. All went quite well (as you can watch for your self on the Treeleaf video blog- Deepest gratitude to Jundo, Mina, Taigu and Everyone, who made this possible for this backwoodser)

As mentioned by others, the need for mics and speakers meant a lot of reverb when the designated speakers for groups spoke and the "Yes I Will"s echoed on beautifully.

And now back to work, parenting and the other daily tasks that are Zazen that takes place with little ceremony, but its definately some of the most important goings on!


Harry said...

Congratulations, Dirk.



Topanga Collective said...

Hey Shohei :)

This is the first time I have seen your blog, really cool to what the rakusu sewing process was like for you/
Gassho, Juko

Dirk said...

Thank you very much Harry!
Hiya and Thanks Juko! Still have a lot of work left on the Kesa, but I will keep pluggin away. The Rakusu was a horrid looking thing but every stitch I poured myself into...well cept that one... oh and that one... and that hole line there...thats cuz TV distracted me... but those too were me in that moment... distracted, frustrated, faux enlightened, you name it its stitched in there (including way to much cat hair) ;D

Gassho, Shohei