Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday fun!

Thursday was my 33rd birthday and I had great intentions of getting an evening of sewing in. Early into the day we had quite a storm start and dump quite a bit of snow. Arriving home, i found my neighbor across the road digging out his car which got stuck half way in to his drive way.
The tail end was still out on the road.

I grabbed my shovel and headed over well about an hour later his car was freed and while we chatted over our victory, another fellow who lived up the road from us walked towards us, he had his car swamped. So we headed to that fellows place and tried to free up his car with little luck.

Determined, we piled into the car (the one we had managed to free) and drove up the road looking for someone with a truck to give us a hand. We found a fellow in the end and as it ended up he lived 3 houses up from me, and i grew up with the guy! Small world. He kindly helped us, help the other guy out and I got to return home nearing 10 pm, just in time to dig my self out so i could get to work the next day( yeah my car got stuck in a drift as i parked it).

Glad I took a step out and offer a hand to some one, really is the a great gift to non-get!

On a sewing front I finished the right side of the Kesa and finished attaching one panel flanking left. Thats 5 down, 2 to go!

I have a pic but its a poorly lit, cell phone shot (our other camera is MIA presumably at the inlaws), it gets the point across.

click pic for full view


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated!

Scott said...

Happy birthday! Welcome to the 33 club...another thing we have in common! Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? ;)

Dirk said...

Thanks destinationthejourney :)

Scott, My Dharma bro, I was thinking the same thing! perhaps long lost twins, or maybe some kind of "Lost" like crossing of paths?? :D

Okay enough conspiracy theories, how is your kesa coming along?