Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking shape

I stitched on more set to the left side of the kesa, leaving one left! At this point things are moving much slower than previous. The size of the kesa makes it a tad difficult to manage on the small work table I have been using.

Last nights endeavour took about 2 hours to measure, mark out, iron folds, and finally stitch the last panel. The actual sewing was only about 20 -30 mins the rest was preparation and adjustments.

I will finish sewing the last panel on Saturday and begin marking and ironing out the en, and starting to attach it!

On Rev. Taigu's Blog, he mentioned that the shape of the kesa, once all panels were together, should be neat and square - but usually didnt work out so. Im glad I read that becase laying mine out there is minor 2 to 2.5cm variation on the panels at the top (surprisingly the bottom is not that bad).

No pictures this time, but there will be an update again soon with one.


Scott said...

It's really coming together and looks awesome. Ever since the rakusu sewing from last year you have been an inspiration in how you jump into your work. I tend to be the cautious one to a fault, so it's nice to be inspiried to take a plunge or two. I'm just now sewing my last piece of the seventh panel...feels good! ;)

Dirk said...

Oh Very good, I just posed the question of your progress in the comments on the previous post. Im glad to hear were on the same page!

So far I think the whole process has been a learning experience! I was careless to a fault at some points :) so balance is achieved!?