Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So far...

Okay so the blog is made now I will post where I am at to date.

I Set out to do this entirely of the same (store bought) material as my Rakusu just to make it as straight forward as possible. I understand that Kesa can be made of many rags, born anew, but the reality of that for a newb like me is varying thickness and "strechiness" of the different materials . Makes it tough to maintain any kind of accuracy and for a first timer like me, it might prove too much.

Best laid plans, as it turned out our house need a door and some windows much more than the Kesa needed new material so I went frugal and used up my Rakusu material then switched to a huge old bed sheet that i had been using as an ironing pad :) Its a tight enough weave but its a tad thicker and a tad fuzzier than the Rakusu material... C'est la Vie!

So I cut out all the bits over a couple of nights and I have sewn the center set of 3 patches, well 2/3rds of that set :)

I noticed right from the start when I decided to dive in here (sewing the Kesa) I had much the same mind set when I started sewing the Rakusu... RUSH! I was cutting the material while thinking a head to the sewing and basically not being present with each cut. I sat the first night and then went back to cutting focusing on the task at hand measure, measure - double check mark then cut. Repeat. Besides whats my hurry? I have been asking my self that every time I get that "Burning" need to get more done. I think I do that a lot. Hurry to the point of making mistakes, getting discouraged then ditching the endeavor.

For tonight I will finish the remaining 1/3 of the first set and call it an evening (after some Zazen)

Gassho, Dirk

Oh just for giggles here is the Rakusu I spoke of, its still not complete as I am still studying for Jukai and so the Silk bit on the back is yet to come.

also here is the center set with the bit I am going to sew threaded on in preparation for sewing. Beside it is the other material I will be using as well

and this is one of four of my "helpers"

Gassho, Dirk


Longdog said...

Looking good Dirk :o) But where's ya bag ;O)

I'm planning to make a kesa too but may be a while yet.

I stil have to make the bag for my rakusu, long over due but I've been a bit on the worn out side after a mammoth battle against wind and sea last weekend in my kayak, 2 hours painful 'kinhin' against the wind to get home :o(

I'll keep a watch with interest, and Harry's too!

_/\_ Kev

Dirk said...

Hi Kev!
yeah I for got to post the bag but its all good :)
Oh man sea kayakingsgotta be getting a tad cool for that - yer a brave soul ;D

Gassho Dirk