Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So I decided to post my thoughts, grumblings and euphoria as I work along sewing my first Kesa -with instructions provided completely on-line thanks to the endeavors of Rev. Taigu Turlur and his blog on kesa. Some how in the process of making the worst mess of cloth, thread and blood I have a new found passion for ... sewing?!

I have all but finished sewing my first Rakusu in preparation for the (as far as its known- worlds first-ever on-line) Jukai ceremony with Treeleaf sangha. With deep gratitude and unending thanks to Jundo Cohen, for following through with all of it, shooting the video based instructions with Rev. Taigu - who, I also cannot thank enough for his time and effort and ongoing support through out the process of sewing! Oh and of course to all the "Leafers" for both listening and sharing their journey too, every bit we do together.

I also have many others to thank and so I'll do so by pouring myself into completing this Kesa.

Oh and I'll post my progress as I go along, text and pictures.