Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well its the middle of the day I'm home sick. Day # 2 and I had to get up and around a bit. I did get some sewing done lastnight before I fell over. I have been doing the "proper" stitch as I had seen in the Treeleaf rakusu making vids. Much nicer stitch that is far more neat and quick then what ever it was I had been doing :) Im just finishing my 3rd panel now.

So far its the middle set and the sets flanking either side of the middle, I hope to shake this cold/flu and get back to my daily grind. I was looking ahead to the part where the 2 anchor square and ties are attached and i cannot seem to get my head around how that works out... guess I will have to look at that with a clearer head when I get to it.

Back to bed


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